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Wine Flight

3 x 50ml glasses of wine alongside tasting notes for a self guided wine tasting.

Burnt House Tasting

Pinot Meunier Rose


English Sparkling Wine Tasting

Ridgeview Bloomsbury NV
Ridgeview Cavendish NV
Ridgeview Fitzrovia NV



Burnt House Bacchus 2022 125ml Glass


Burnt House Bacchus 2022 75cl Bottle


Burnt House Pinot Meunier Rose 2022 125ml Glass


Burnt House Pinot Meunier Rose 2022 75cl Bottle


Burnt House Chardonnay 2022 125ml Glass


Burnt House Chardonnay 2022 75cl Bottle


Ridgeview Bloomsbury 125ml Glass


Ridgeview Bloomsbury 75cl Bottle


Ridgeview Cavendish 125ml Glass


Ridgeview Cavendish 75cl Bottle


Ridgeview Fitzrovia 125ml Glass


Ridgeview Fitzrovia 75cl Bottle



Artefact Amber Haze 330ml


Artefact Hibiscus Blonde 330ml


Artefact Ixworth Blonde 330ml


Soft Drinks

Diet Coke


Coca Cola


Coke Zero


Fentimans Rose Lemonade


Fentimans Sparkling Elderflower


Fentimans Victorian Lemonade


Robinsons Fruit Shoots


Still Water


Sparkling Water


Deli Boards

Ideal for when you can't decide what to choose

Cheese & Charcuterie

A selection of East Anglian cheeses, Suffolk Charcuterie, crackers, focaccia, chutney and sun-dried tomatoes


Cheese & Antipasti

A selection of East Anglian cheese, olives, balsamic onions, smoked almonds, sun-dried tomatoes, chutney and crackers.


Charcuterie & Antipasti

Charcuterie, focaccia, olives, balsamic onions, smoked almonds and sun-dried tomatoes.


Burnt House Sharing Board

Sharing board of charcuterie, cheeses, antipasti and breads.


Deli Menu

These dishes are great for sharing

East Anglian Cheeses

Served with relish and crackers


Charcuterie Plate


Butterbean and Peashoot Hummus

Served with sourdough, olive oil and balsamic vinegar



Served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar for dipping


Smoked Almonds


Nocella Olives


Kalamata Olives


Balsamic Pickled Onions


Hot Beverages





Flat Whitet






Hot Chocolate


Breakfast Tea


Mint Tea


Oat Milk Alternative


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